Konoha Don

Konoha Don

"What I Eat Everyday In Japan." Konoha means foliage. I found the recipe and tried it.

Konoha means foliage.

Konoha means foliage.
Looks like leafy rice bowl, doesn't it?

Sounds like this is popular in Kansai area. ( Western Japan )

Since I am from Tokyo, I didn't know.

Found the recipe and tried it.

The ingredients are something we can find in our fridge, cheap, daily things.
Kamaboko ( fish sausage ) is most common ingredient for this, but I only had Cihkuwa ( also fish sausage, but the shape is like cylinder ), so used it instead.

Other ingredients are green onion, egg, seasonings. Easy to make, healthy enough and tasty. Good for quick lunch.

It is almost Cherry Blossom season here. The weather bureau announced that Tokyo's Sakura ( Cherry blossoms) have just started blooming officially ( This official announcement is important for us. ) We feel " Spring has come" when we hear this.

Hope I can upload some pics of fully bloomed cherry blossoms within a week or so.

Konoha Don Recipe

Ingredients for Konoha Don ( Don or Donburi means Rice Bowl ) :
Serving for One

Steamed white rice 1 Bowl

Fish Sausage ( Japanese Kamaboko or Chikuwa ) sliced. I used about about
10 to 15 very thin slices.

Green Onion 1 to 2 stalks Chopped

One Egg ( beaten in a bowl )

Soy Sauce 1 table spoon
Dashi ( Japanese Soup Stock or you can use powder) 50 cc or 1/2 cup
Sugar 1 table spoon
Mirin ( Sweet Rice Wine ) 2 tea spoons

Bring Dashi to boil. Add Fish sausage. Add soy sauce, sugar and mirin.
Add green onion. Then, pour egg. When the egg is half cooked, it's done.

Put the above onto the rice. Enjoy!





「花椒(ホワジャオ)」の柑橘系の爽やかさと後からビリビリとしびれる味わいにとりこになる人が増殖中。今年はこの「しびれる鍋=しびれ鍋」が多数登場!  もつや餃子、海鮮やカレーなど、バリエーションも豊富にさまざまな「しびれ鍋」をDDグループで楽しめます!






雲が高く、空気が澄んだ秋は、野山へのお出かけにぴったりの季節です。きのこや栗、銀杏などの山の幸、サンマや牡蠣、秋鮭などの海の幸も市場に出回って食欲倍増。そんな秋の味覚を「ごはん屋便」のごはんに合わせておいしい行楽ごはんに! 混ぜるだけ、乗っけるだけのカンタンクッキングでOK。わっぱや竹カゴに詰めて、みんなと一緒に出かけましょう!